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5 Tips to Fight Recession Career Anxiety: Get Ready for the Unexpected Now

By Ashley Gatewood posted 08-05-2022 15:23

When is the best time to solve a problem? Before it happens.

If the possibility of a looming recession and its potential impact on your career are keeping you up at night, don’t get anxious—get to work.

Ready That Resume
Dust off your resume or CV and update it with your recent career wins and accomplishments.

As always, have a trusted friend read it over closely to check for grammatical and spelling errors. They can also let you know of any areas where you are selling yourself short.

Verify past employers are still operating under the same name as when you worked there.

Check you have your references’ current contact information. 

Level Up Your LinkedIn Profile
Your LinkedIn profile should be buttoned up with a recent profile photo and compelling About section. Invite colleagues to publicly endorse you for skills that will be visible on your profile.

Of course, if you’re a CFRE, add your digital badge to your LinkedIn profile and ensure “CFRE” is written after your name on your business cards and email signature.

Include links to any publications where you’ve authored articles in your LinkedIn profile’s Publications section. Your authoring history is a point of differentiation that sets you apart from other candidates.

The Thrill of the Upskill
The time to earn a certification, licensure, or micro-credential isn’t when you need it. It’s prior.

Look at recognized industry certifications and learning pathways. Embark on them now, especially if your current employer will cover fees.

Don’t put off today what you might need to stand out tomorrow.

Volunteer Now
According to, 92 percent of employers say relevant volunteer experience gives candidates an edge in job interviews.

Volunteering is your opportunity to learn fresh skills or sharpen dormant ones. Plus, it’s a savvy method to forge connections at a nonprofit where you might like to work in the future.

Aside from providing a sightline into how an organization runs, volunteering is an effective way to meet new people. While they may not all prove to be professional connections, deepening our circle of contacts with likeminded individuals is beneficial, especially during an unexpected job hunt.

Speak Up
Being seen as a sector leader provides enhanced credibility, making you a more sought-after candidate. Apply to present at conferences and lunch-and-learns. There is no cost to put your hat in the ring.

Oftentimes speakers receive a complimentary pass to attend, meaning you’ll get a free ticket to valuable on-site networking.

Reflect on your areas of expertise. Had a recent notable work success that would make for a killer case study? Perfect! Assembled a list of leadership advice based on your personal experience for those looking to join the C-suite? Share it!

Mine your bevvy of professional experience for a hot topic that will catch the interest of attendees.

Event organizers seek out fresh voices. Make sure they know what yours has to say.

Get Going
It’s rarely pleasant to unexpectedly find yourself back on the job market. While we can’t control the future, we can get ready for it.

The more steps you take now, the easier you’ll hit the ground running should a future recession impact your career.